Sunday School Ministry
Pastor Brenda Marshall

Sunday School is a foundational ministry of Christian education, discipleship training and church growth. This Ministry serves to empower every believer and other ministries in the church. Our purpose is to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) by teaching The Word of God to help unbelievers Know Jesus Christ as savior and help believers grow in Him and apply The Word to their daily lives.
This ministry provides biblical teaching for all age groups with the expectation that all will grow in faith, Knowledge, vision and power in the Holy Ghost. The Word of God is taught to all at an age appropriate level, which allows all to grow in the fullness of Christ, be empowered to know God’s calling on their life, and to serve God and others. Our mission is to enable every believer to live a victorious life in the Lord Jesus according to the Biblical teachings of God’s Word equipped to lead others to Christ.

Kingdom Kids Ministry
Mary Anderson

Kingdom Kids conveys the Bible timeline in practical, age-appropriate ways. Children will understand the reality of the Bible accounts and be challenged to apply them to their lives. It’s easy to go through the motions, especially if church attendance was your parents’ idea to begin with. A revival of faith encourages children to remember God and turn towards Him. So how do you get there? CHILDREN’S CHURCH which reinforces the spirit of selflessness,support, diversity, and encouragement. Along with the study and practice of Biblical principles, children participate in fun-filled activities such as singing, dancing, and art classes. Programs are scheduled to show parents and friends all that the children learn throughout their church experience.