Sunday Service:


MidWeek Meeting:

 Friday 7:00pm

How can I be a member?

If you would like to be apart of any ministry please see the leader of that particular ministry. If you need to know the ministry leader you can see minister Alicia Hicks who can direct you to the right place.

Can someone watch my child?

What time are services?

Simple! Sometimes at the end of service our pastor asks the congregation if anyone is interested to join the Brighter Way family. You can also inform pastor directly, it is very easy to talk to our Pastor after service. 


What is the address?

Brighter Way Ministries

Yes! When the word of God comes forth we have children church which educates the children of the Gospel in a way they understand.

How do I get involved? 

Is the pastor easy to talk to?

Our pastor is a very down to earth type of person! After every Sunday service he and first lady stands at the door to make sure to communicate with every member or visitor.   

2145 Graves Road, Hockessin DE, Network Delaware 19711