Brighter Way Ministries


Music and Fine Arts 

Worship Team

The goal of the Worship Ministry is to usher in the presence of God. The ministry uses a variety of music including contemporary and old school gospel. We believe in the power of Praise and Worship and what it brings to our services. Our Worship Ministry is made up of our praise team, dance ministry, and brighter way's own musicians. Michelle Darden Hill serves as our current director of music and Kamare Stevens serves as the first assistant to serving the music ministry.


​Brighter Way Choir


Coming soon!  

We have anointed musicians that heightens the level of praise and worship. They are lead by the holy spirit and play with excellence.  All members are invited to take part in the Brighter Way band.


The worship team is responsible for shifting the atmosphere for people to join in for a high time in worship. Our constantly growing team is anointed and aims to sing to the glory of God! New members must learn new music and rehearse three time before officially joining the panel of worshipers 

The dance ministry is deprived of young children who occasionally dance during Sunday services. We also invite guests who either dance or mime at special services.